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Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart [x]

are those fan letters in the back?? that’s too precious.
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I left my jacket in my friends truck and when I got it back this was left in the pocket. 
You are so beautiful I wish I could spend every minute with you and I miss you every minute that I’m not I could spend years  telling you all the  things I like about you So I’m just gonna say in our solar  system there’s 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas,  and I have had  the privilege to meet you You to me are  1 in 7 billion and theres no one else  Id rather spend time with than you
*sidenote*I’m really sorry for  all the stuff that’s been happening  lately

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my home cooking


kiss me hard before you go, summertime sandler


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following back heaps♡
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My girlfriend’s rat dog doesn’t let me poop in peace
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Sphenodiscus lenticularis, Fox Hills Formation, South DakotaLate Cretaceous (~ 70 mya) This specimen displays the extraordinarily intricate suture patterns that are characteristic of this species. Also evident is part of the beautifully iridescent nacreous layer. A laterally flattened ammonite, this animal is thought to have been a relatively fast swimmer. 
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Seeing a tumblr URL that is almost completely like yours.